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Helps individuals rediscover a positive vision for their life

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Positive Strength-Based Therapy helps individuals rediscover a positive vision for their life. People develop and apply inner strengths and passions to pursue their life’s vision, while resolving issues such as anxiety, depression and the legacy of trauma.

Why this is important…

For more that a century psychologists have helped millions of people heal from depression, anxiety, trauma and much more.

But, not being depressed is different from being happy; not feeling anxious is different from actually being relaxed.

Healing, curing, problem solving all resolve negative states, but what leads to increased happiness, fulfillment and flourishing?

Three major areas of research have been underway during the last 20 years:

1. Research in Positive Psychology has identified useful and effective strategies that can increase positive emotions and relationships, as well as engagement and meaning in life.

2. Brain imaging technology (e.g., fMRI, PET Scan) has made it possible to begin to understand how the brain works. Using this information helps lessen the impact of the negative and increase the power of the positive.

3. Also during the past 10 years, ancient eastern practices (e.g. yoga, meditation), brain imaging technology, and western science have all met. Resulting in practical tools we can teach you to improve your mood, lessen your stress and help you have better control of your own emotions

We fit the research results to your needs. With Individual Strength Based Therapy & Coaching you will:

1. Discover your strengths using well researched assessments.
2. Clarify your passions using experiential learning.
3. Learn strategies to use mindfulness daily.

*Please Note: Individual therapy & coaching may not be not covered by standard health insurance.


Suitable for: Everybody

Duration: Individual Strength Based Therapy & Coaching works best in blocks of ten sessions to maximize effectiveness.


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