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Readable Research to Apply in Your Own Life

The Positivity Company™ gives you readable research results to apply in your own life.

 Everything on this site is firmly planted in peer reviewed research – this site is a hype free zone.

For example, our mission statement:

“The Positivity Company™ is a partnership of psychologists whose joy is applying the science of well being to empower you to live your passions and strengths and together create a more positive world.”

Yes, but what is well-being – really?

Well-being is defined by Dan Siegel, MD as a triangle of “relationship, the mind, and the brain.” He goes on to describe how these three points of the triangle impact each other

Brain activity creates mind activity;

Mind activity physically changes the brain;

Mind and brain activity affect our relationships; and in turn, our

Relationships affect the mind and the physical structure of the brain.

Here is the whole article.