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About Us

About Us

Helping You Create a More Positive Life


What We Do

The Positivity Company™ is a partnership of psychologists whose joy is applying the science of positive psychology, interpersonal neurobiology and mindfulness to empower you to live your passions and strengths. Together we will create a more positive world.


Commitment to Education

The psychologists at The Positivity Company have a combined 63+ years of experience in K through 12 public and private education – that is commitment. We work tirelessly to improve the emotional climate of schools, because it leads to better learning and a positive work place for faculty, staff and administrators.


The Science of Well-Being in Schools

Relationships, neuroscience, and mindfulness are natural partners with education. All learning involves the brain and knowing just a few basic facts about how this amazing organ works helps all aspects of education from preventing student behavior problems to staff job satisfaction. (We know this claim sounds outrageous – contact us for more details.)

U.S. schools are under relentless negative criticism and pressure from many quarters (for example: meeting the Annual Yearly Progress aspects of No Child Left Behind). Positive Psychology offers a simple to administer way to focus your school on student and staff strengths; hope, and attitude toward school. It fits well with and adds further depth to Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS). We measure the results of our work so it also fits well with Response to Intervention (RTI).

How the strength based approach works:
Imagine back to your days in school – you get your report card – it has all high grades, but one “F”. What will your parents and teachers focus on? Silly question – The “F” of course. With the best of intentions they might say: “You need to work harder in that failing class. Spend more time studying and doing homework.” In other words put more energy into that weak area. POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH SHOWS THAT IS THE WRONG APPROACH!!!

The research shows they should have said – “Work harder on those A’s – use as much energy as you can on getting even better at what you are already good at. We will help you work on the low grade to bring it up to “good enough.”

It is important for students to bring up weak areas to the point that they won’t be major obstacles. But good enough is well good enough. Want your students to be successful when they graduate? Focus on their strengths and passions to balance the good work already underway to help them with their weaknesses.

What They Say About The Positivity Company…

“Weaving together the discoveries of interpersonal neurobiology, positive psychology, and mindfulness with practical wisdom, Kirke Olson offers an abundance of strategies that educators at every grade level can implement to support their students’ development and make their own work more fulfilling.”


Bonnie Badenoch, PhD

LMFT & Author

“The Positivity Company is great. Kirke has been an esteemed member of the Parker Education team for over 15 years. I highly recommend The Positivity Company to anyone looking for quality educational resources.”


David Parker

Director/CEO of Parker Education