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  • Tired and heading to...

    Feeling exhausted from working with...

    Feeling exhausted from working with your clients, students, or patients? It may not be much consolation, but you certainly are [...]

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    Tired and heading to burnout? Neuroscience offers some help.
  • Don’t let a half-second...

    Sally, a single mother and...

    Sally, a single mother and pediatric nurse friend of mine, was stunned when her son Josh arrived home from school [...]

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    Don’t let a half-second ruin your life.
  • The Invisible Classroom...

    Available here and in bookstores...

    Available here and in bookstores everywhere The Invisible Classroom: Relationships, Neuroscience & Mindfulness in School By Kirke Olson Published by [...]

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    The Invisible Classroom
  • Nothing to Fear, but...

    All these years later I...

    All these years later I can still feel the echoes of my fear. Fear sparked by Hal, a large rage [...]

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    Nothing to Fear, but Fear Itself
  • Between You and Me...

    Please enjoy this film focusing...

    Please enjoy this film focusing on exploring human relationships. What is “the glue” in your relationships? “Film Questions: – How [...]

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    Between You and Me – Short Film



How the brain, mind, and relationships working together create well-being.


Positive Psychology

The science of what is right with people: what highly successful, deeply satisfied people have to teach us.



An ancient and current practice that helps create well-being, lowers anxiety, lessens depression and strengthens the immune system.

Introduction to The Science of Well-Being:

Applying Neuroscience, Positive Psychology & Mindfulness